Subdivision By-law (No. 5208)



Subdivision By-law (No. 5208)

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(This electronic version is amended up to January 1, 2012)
(Note to subscribers: The most recent paper update is amended up to January 1, 2011. Subsequent amendments which may appear in this electronic consolidation will be included in a future update package.)

Explanation of amendments since January 1, 2011

  • Schedule F (pdf, 101 kb) of the By-law is updated to reflect new fees; and
  • Appendix A (pdf, 11 kb) is revised by adding amending By-law numbers.


  • By-law Document (pdf, 49 kb) - Includes the following Sections:
    Section 1 - Short Title
    Section 2 - Definitions
    Section 3 - Approving Officer
    Section 4 - General Provisions
    Section 5 - Preliminary Proposal
    Section 6 - Application for Approval of a Subdivision
    Section 7 - Notification
    Section 8 - Action by Approving Officer
    Section 9 - Minimum Standards
    Section 10 - Streets and Lanes
    Section 11 - Other Works and Services
    Section 12 - Public Land Conveyance
    Section 13 - Schedules
    Section 14 - Repeal
    Section 15 - Effective Date


  • Schedule A (pdf, 23 kb) - Standards for Minimum Parcel Size and Configuration
  • Schedule B (pdf, 61 kb) - Standards for Street Configurations
  • Schedule C (pdf, 108 kb) - Standards for Clearing, Grading, Draining and Surfacing Streets
  • Schedule D (pdf, 79 kb) - Standards for Water Distribution Systems
  • Schedule E (pdf, 75 kb) - Standards for Sanitary Sewage and Storm-Water Collection Systems or Combined Sewer Collection Systems
  • Schedule F (pdf, 101 kb) - Fees


  • Appendix A (pdf, 11 kb) - List of Amending By-laws to the Subdivision By-law

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